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SINO-MIE Exhibition & Trading Centre

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Zhengzhou SINO-MIE Corporation Limited welcomes oversea enterprises come to China market, we encourage European companies put their products in our Exhibition and Trading Center. SINO-MIE Exhibition and Trading Centre is located in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and has the areas of 4500 m2. We are planning to divided the exhibition area into 10 industries with different company's product. At the beginning of our developing stage, we offer an one year exhibition for free. Hence, we also will help you do the preliminary market demand research and online promotion in the first year as a package free of charge. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Our Competitive Advantages

Efficient transportation, convenient communication

Our Exhibition&Trading Center is located in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, which is the national key passenger and cargo transfer center and national key international aviation logistics center. On one side, it is convenient transport of European freight. And on the other hand, it is cost saving of Chinese purchasers that they can see the sample without going abroad, hence, no matter the purchasers are living in any part of China, they can come to Zhengzhou easily and quickly.

Well-functional exhibition hall and 365-day Exhibition

It is an all year exhibition, which means the Chinese purchasers can come to the exhibition based on their schedules. They have enough time to see the sample and communicate with the manufacture representative. It will enrich their confidence.

Combination of Electronic commerce and traditional marketing

It is ideal for some shoppers who research online and make decisions on the products and services to buy when the brick-and-mortar store opens.

Highly open comprehensive bonded zone

Support services on the Customs tariff concessions.

Convenient logistics

SINO-MIE has it own logistic company that can help you do the Commercial Invoice and DNS code double check, and All-the-way following up and communicating with Forwarder Company after samples arrived in China.


Rich experiences in global trading

Most of our team members are with western education and working background, they are able to handle relevant documents and pull-through your business.

Localized marketing plan

We have built a reputation for honest advice and we have acted as impartial advisor for EU businesses and China companies in negotiation, helping avoid misunderstandings from culural or language differences.

Our Exhibition and Trading Centre


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